Wow, I'm neglecting

It's been a while since I've posted.  Golly.  Been editing so much, I just haven't really thought about it.  

Had a recent session with my brother and his family.  Aren't they gorgeous?  We had a great time wandering the Bishop Arts District and then had lunch at Hunky's.  

Happy New Year!

 Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Mine was full of family and friends and I feel a satisfaction on the backside I haven't known before.  I'm grateful.  

I missed December's post, had too much going on.  I'll give myself a pass.  Aside from that, I accomplished my goal of the year to post once a month.  I feel pretty good about that.  

I've seen some amazing growth this year, both personally and with this business.  I'm so grateful to all my clients for their business and the opportunity to serve them with this business.  I love creating images for people that will last for a lifetime.  

For the coming year, I hope to increase this business by meeting new people, making new friends, and possibly to expand my services.  I'm still playing around with some of the glamour photography and experimenting with new directions.  

What are you hoping for this year?  

Here's my year-in-review favorite images that I captured.  

Fall portraits abound

I love this time of year.  It's my favorite season, by far, and along with it comes many opportunities for portraits.  Many families update their family pictures this time of year and I count myself blessed to be hired by them to create memories they will have for a lifetime.  Here's a recent session, with more to come.  

It's still October, it still counts!

I'm a tad late on this post.  My goal for the year was to post on my blog once a month.  I was shooting (pardon the pun) for around the first of the month, and we're nearly to the next first of the month.  Where did the year go?   

I've been pretty busy lately.  My back is healing well and I feel like I'm nearly over it.  I've been over it enough to get back to work, and I'm really enjoying being back to shoot.  I've missed it.  I'm enjoying so much my clients this week, and had a great art session with a wonderful young lady a couple weeks ago.  I'm in the throes of family portrait season, so I'm booked solid for the next week and a half, and expect it to fill in even more as we move along through November.  I'm running out of spots, so if you're on the fence thinking about it, get with me as soon as you can.  

Here's a few snaps from what I've been doing.  Enjoy.  


Kim Ward Photography-1.jpg
Kim Ward Photography-9.jpg
Kendall Fam-7.jpg

I'm so behind!

Well, I just plain missed September 1.  I've been thinking I need to post since about the 3rd, but keep not doing it.  Woops!  I'm still on track for a once a month post, which was my goal for the year.  So, YAY!   

I've not been busy the last 5 weeks at all because I'm injured.  Meh.  Hurt my back...twice.  In the same week.  At this point, I'm doing pretty well, but would have a hard time doing a session at full capacity.  But I'm almost there, I'm just sure of it.  Hopefully, a couple more weeks will see me back to normal, which is nice, cause it's right on time for Fall Family Portrait Season.  Start booking now, everyone, cause I'm gonna fill up quickly.  

I did get some pics edited along the way.  A couple from my vacation in July, and then a portrait session with some of my favorite peoples.  Have look:  

Back from rest and gearing up for fall

Hey everyone. This post is a little behind. I was out of town for that first of the month. 

I've had a great summer so far, nice and restful. A little at a time, I'm beginning to schedule for fall. Now is the time to book if its time for your family's update portraits and Christmas card pictures!  When was the last time you had your portrait made? 

Here's a few shots from my trip. Back on the Route, of course. This time to Joplin, MO for the international 66 festival.  Shot all these on my iPhone.


Impossible Projects

So, I'm taking a little break during this hottest part of the year.  I usually do this during July, just cut back on how involved I am in managing things with the business.  Since I'm part time, I've built that time into the schedule for the year, and it works out because it's dang slow and too hot for outside portraits, and my indoor studio is really only big enough for one, maybe two folks.   

I decided I needed to spend some time on making an album of all the images I've shot since I went digital (i.e., things I have no print of any kind for).  I have many images that get shot on the fly, random things that either don't get processed or get processed and then I move on to business work.  I wanted to put these images into an album of some sort for print.  I also wanted to see how I've changed and grown as a photographer, what have I learned, where can I still grow, etc.  

I've begun the collection process.  I've gone WAY back into image folders, about 7 years back.  WHEW!  I have taken soooo many pictures.  I'm not planning on printing everything, but there were somethings I loved from practice portrait shoots, on the fly macro work, and the occasional journalistic shot from hanging out with friends that wow'd me that I felt I must have in this book.   

Here's some I processed this afternoon and had forgotten about completely.  

Glam shoot

I decided to try my hand at a bit of Glamour Photography.  Not the kind we had in the 90s with the super big hair, bright colors, and sequins everywhere.  And not the kind with bums in panties either.  Something more like classic studio portraiture, with a load of beauty and with a bit of a fashion zing to it.  I've never done anything like this before, but I absolutely, positively love studio based photography classic portraiture, and this fits that bill.  I also really love old Hollywood Glamour photography, and this also leans that direction.  I hope to try out a few film noir shoots at some point, but for now, here's a preview of the results.  Not bad for a first go, wouldn't you say?

So, I'm behind a little. So what?

Well, I missed making entries for May and June.  Whoopsie.  I guess I had enough keeping me busy that it just slipped past me.  Oh well.  I'm here now.   

Had a decent showing at the Denton Community Market.  I really liked being out there meeting people and chatting with them.  I made some great photographer connections, and learned we have a Denton Camera Club.  What?!  Awesome.  I hope to meet up with them sometime; I know I could learn a lot.  

I'm done at the Market until late September, after the heat settles down a little.  For now, I'm chillin' with Summer, swimming, planning, practicing, experimenting.  This is a good time of year for me to work on the non-shooting side of the business, and there's plenty that needs attending.  I am, however, going to step out and experiment with some glamour photography.  No, not the 90s Glamour Shots stuff.  This a more modern take on it.  I had my first sitting last week, and I have to say and I'm excited.  I've really missed working in a studio photography setting.  

That said, here's a lil' preview from that shoot, with more to come.  

Denton Community Market

It's April already!  The year is swinging by, but I'm sure enjoying this great weather.  Along with April comes the start of the Denton Community Market, a place in town where I've applied for a booth to sell some of my art prints to those with interest.  I've been going through my work from the last few years and started collecting images and I think I've narrowed down to what I'm going to sell.  I'm working on a catalog and deciding which ones I'll have on hand to sell right away, and which ones I'll leave for ordering.  Trying to get all my ducks in a row.  I'm ready to try this new avenue for my business and see where it goes!

I had my first commercial job in March, shooting the interiors of a shop in town that a designer had put together, along with hand painting of many signs.  I should have a preview up for that on the blog soon.  I got to add to my collection of fine art shooting with a trip to Mineral Wells about 2 weeks ago, and shooting in Decatur 3 weeks ago.  My foot is healing up nicely and I hope to get back to portraits very soon.  All is well here. 

Exciting Developments

Hello, all.  I'm getting a logo!  I can't wait to see it.  I'm really excited about this.  

The designer I chose has amazing talent and it's just a really good fit for me.  More info on the way soon on all of this.  EEEEEEEEEE!

And since I don't like to post without a pic, here's one.

Rt. 66 STL-89.jpg

Getting better and a headshots preview

Been working on the heel spur this month.  Lots of ice, stretching, and some supplements and I'm finally doing so much better.  I got that shoot rescheduled and it went well, though I had trouble walking by the end.  I'm really excited about these pictures, so I thought I'd add a preview.  

This is my accountant and his wife.  They're both completely amazing.  You can find them here:  I can't recommend them highly enough.  They needed some updated headshots, and here's just a preview.  

Down and Out

Well, I was planning on posting on the first of the month, and I'm a little late.  No biggie.  The good news is that I considered posting a couple other times in January, so I'm at least habitually thinking about the fact that I do have a blog.  YAY!  

Had a shoot planned this afternoon.  Weather is great, lighting is great, I was excited.  Except last night I managed to irritated a heel spur I had no idea I had and I can barely walk today.  Not so YAY!  Boo!  So, for the moment I'm laid up on the couch staying off of it.  I'm to ice it, get some heel gizmo for my shoe, stay off it a few days, and see the doc again for some therapy tomorrow.  With some good supplements, I'm confident I can "heel" from this.  I'm so funny, right?  

Wouldn't be a good post without a picture so here's one.  Route 66 is on my mind, wanderlust increasing by the moment.  Maybe I can visit soon.

Wall Graffiti, Oklahoma

Wall Graffiti, Oklahoma

New year, new blog, new site!

I'm so very excited to reveal these changes for my business.  I have a wonderful new website with my blog built in.  I love love love it!  It fits my style and my business so well, and it's easy for me to update and use.  Looking forward to adding to this.  We'll see if I can update regularly.  I think a good starting place will be at least a once a month update.  Let's see how this goes for 2013.  Hope everyone is well and enjoying your new year!

Some of my favorite images from 2012: