It's still October, it still counts!

I'm a tad late on this post.  My goal for the year was to post on my blog once a month.  I was shooting (pardon the pun) for around the first of the month, and we're nearly to the next first of the month.  Where did the year go?   

I've been pretty busy lately.  My back is healing well and I feel like I'm nearly over it.  I've been over it enough to get back to work, and I'm really enjoying being back to shoot.  I've missed it.  I'm enjoying so much my clients this week, and had a great art session with a wonderful young lady a couple weeks ago.  I'm in the throes of family portrait season, so I'm booked solid for the next week and a half, and expect it to fill in even more as we move along through November.  I'm running out of spots, so if you're on the fence thinking about it, get with me as soon as you can.  

Here's a few snaps from what I've been doing.  Enjoy.  


Kim Ward Photography-1.jpg
Kim Ward Photography-9.jpg
Kendall Fam-7.jpg