Denton Community Market

It's April already!  The year is swinging by, but I'm sure enjoying this great weather.  Along with April comes the start of the Denton Community Market, a place in town where I've applied for a booth to sell some of my art prints to those with interest.  I've been going through my work from the last few years and started collecting images and I think I've narrowed down to what I'm going to sell.  I'm working on a catalog and deciding which ones I'll have on hand to sell right away, and which ones I'll leave for ordering.  Trying to get all my ducks in a row.  I'm ready to try this new avenue for my business and see where it goes!

I had my first commercial job in March, shooting the interiors of a shop in town that a designer had put together, along with hand painting of many signs.  I should have a preview up for that on the blog soon.  I got to add to my collection of fine art shooting with a trip to Mineral Wells about 2 weeks ago, and shooting in Decatur 3 weeks ago.  My foot is healing up nicely and I hope to get back to portraits very soon.  All is well here.