So, I'm behind a little. So what?

Well, I missed making entries for May and June.  Whoopsie.  I guess I had enough keeping me busy that it just slipped past me.  Oh well.  I'm here now.   

Had a decent showing at the Denton Community Market.  I really liked being out there meeting people and chatting with them.  I made some great photographer connections, and learned we have a Denton Camera Club.  What?!  Awesome.  I hope to meet up with them sometime; I know I could learn a lot.  

I'm done at the Market until late September, after the heat settles down a little.  For now, I'm chillin' with Summer, swimming, planning, practicing, experimenting.  This is a good time of year for me to work on the non-shooting side of the business, and there's plenty that needs attending.  I am, however, going to step out and experiment with some glamour photography.  No, not the 90s Glamour Shots stuff.  This a more modern take on it.  I had my first sitting last week, and I have to say and I'm excited.  I've really missed working in a studio photography setting.  

That said, here's a lil' preview from that shoot, with more to come.