Impossible Projects

So, I'm taking a little break during this hottest part of the year.  I usually do this during July, just cut back on how involved I am in managing things with the business.  Since I'm part time, I've built that time into the schedule for the year, and it works out because it's dang slow and too hot for outside portraits, and my indoor studio is really only big enough for one, maybe two folks.   

I decided I needed to spend some time on making an album of all the images I've shot since I went digital (i.e., things I have no print of any kind for).  I have many images that get shot on the fly, random things that either don't get processed or get processed and then I move on to business work.  I wanted to put these images into an album of some sort for print.  I also wanted to see how I've changed and grown as a photographer, what have I learned, where can I still grow, etc.  

I've begun the collection process.  I've gone WAY back into image folders, about 7 years back.  WHEW!  I have taken soooo many pictures.  I'm not planning on printing everything, but there were somethings I loved from practice portrait shoots, on the fly macro work, and the occasional journalistic shot from hanging out with friends that wow'd me that I felt I must have in this book.   

Here's some I processed this afternoon and had forgotten about completely.