I'm so behind!

Well, I just plain missed September 1.  I've been thinking I need to post since about the 3rd, but keep not doing it.  Woops!  I'm still on track for a once a month post, which was my goal for the year.  So, YAY!   

I've not been busy the last 5 weeks at all because I'm injured.  Meh.  Hurt my back...twice.  In the same week.  At this point, I'm doing pretty well, but would have a hard time doing a session at full capacity.  But I'm almost there, I'm just sure of it.  Hopefully, a couple more weeks will see me back to normal, which is nice, cause it's right on time for Fall Family Portrait Season.  Start booking now, everyone, cause I'm gonna fill up quickly.  

I did get some pics edited along the way.  A couple from my vacation in July, and then a portrait session with some of my favorite peoples.  Have look: